# Name Position Height Class        
    25 Sarah Bouhafsi F   Jr        
    22 Lauren Carpenter F   Jr        
    13 Brooklyn Corbin G   Sr        
    12 Chyna Dawson G   Soph        
    21 Alyssa Deutsch G   Jr        
    24 Tiyana Josey G   Sr        
    23 Abby Dugger G   Soph        
    20 Alexandra Miller F   Sr        
    10 Brooklyn Price G   Soph        
    42 Macey Rose F   Jr        
    33 Rachel Wadsworth C   Sr        

Head Coach Rich Meseroll   /   Assistant Coach  Alyssa Meseroll

    # Name Position Height Class        
    15 Ashley Bellows F   Soph        
    1 Gema Contreras G   Soph        
    35 Camille Detrizio-Parret G   Jr        
    23 Abby Dugger F   Soph        
    3 Riley Flyte G   Soph        
    32 Vanessa Gastelum F   Soph        
    31 Kacie Medina G   Soph        
    2 Brighton Montierth F   Soph        
    11 Maggie Orr G   Soph        
    34 Xitialic Ramos F   Soph        
    40 Izharia Veasley F   Soph        
    30 Arvrissa Williams F   Soph        

JV Head Coach Nesby Josey

    2015-2016 GIRLS FRESHMEN ROSTER    
    # Name Position Height Class        
    3 Tiana Hua     Fr        
    4 Riley Good     Fr        
    13 Kaylee Detherage     Fr        
    15 Cheyanna Howard     Fr        
    21 Summer Price     Fr        
    23 Samaria Springfield     Fr        
    24 Kris Hendricks     Fr        
    32 Su Antone     Fr        
    34 Gissel Renteria     Fr        
    44 Anastacia Grisby     Fr        
    55 Alaya Walton     Fr        

Freshmen Head Coach Ron Ifversen


2015-2016 SCHEDULE

    11/23 Monday 4:30PM McClintock (L) 39-44 0-1    
    11/24 Tuesday 4:30PM Sierra Linda (L) 28-50 0-2    
    11/25 Wednesday 7:30PM Horizon (L) 30-38 0-3    
    11/27 Friday   Desert Mountain (L) 34-53 0-4    
    11/27 Friday   Marcos de Niza (W) 46-30 1-4    
    11/30 Monday 7:00PM Home Mountain View Marana (W) 51-24 2-4    
    12/02 Wednesday 7:00PM Away Poston Butte (W) 62-30 3-4    
    12/04 Friday 7:00PM Away Xavier Prep (L) 47-67 3-5    
    12/08 Tuesday 7:00PM Away Mountain View Mesa (W) 52-22 4-5    
    12/11 Friday 5:30PM Away Cibola (W) 54-31 5-5    
    12/15 Tuesday 7:00PM Away Highland (L) 41-44 5-6    
    12/18 Friday 7:00PM Campo 2 Canyon Springs (CA) (L) 45-56 5-7    
    12/19 Saturday 10:00AM Campo 2 Fairfax (W) 61-42 6-7    
    12/21 Monday 10:00AM Mesquite Springfield (OR) (L) 24-65 6-8    
    12/22 Tuesday 4:00PM KROC 1 Jserra (W) 47-33 7-8    
    01/05 Tuesday 7:00PM Home Red Mountain (L) 36-55 7-9    
    01/07 Thursday 7:00PM Away Chandler (L) 35-38 7-10    
    01/08 Friday 7:00PM Away Ironwood Ridge (L) 35-38 7-11    
    01/13 Wednesday 7:00PM Home Chaparral (L) 39-69 7-12    
    01/15 Friday 7:00PM Home Hamilton (L) 27-75 7-13    
    01/20 Wednesday 7:00PM Home Corona del Sol (L) 42-51 7-14    
    01/22 Friday 7:00PM Away Pinnacle (W) 47-38 8-14    
    01/27 Wednesday 7:00PM Home Mountain Pointe (L) 42-51 8-15    
    01/29 Friday 7:00PM Away Desert Vista (L) 19-56 8-16    
    02/01 Monday 7:00PM Home Desert Ridge (L) 35-53 8-17    
    02/05 Friday 7:00PM Home Perry (L) 50-57 8-18    
    02/11 Thursday 7:00PM Home Gilbert (L) 53-57 8-19    
    02/17 Wednesday 7:00PM Away Sandra Day O'Connor (L) 29-42 8-20    

2015-2016 GAME RECAPS



 GILBERT EDGES BASHA - (02-11-16) -  The Bears were defeated by the Tigers 57-53. The girls played a hard game from the first second to the last.

Macey Rose returned back after a foot injury to be the top scorer for the night with 14 points. Xandra had some very needed 3 point shots to keep the score close. Alyssa & Brooklyn had great defense & rebounding tonight to stop the drive shot and hold Gilbert to just a few point lead.

 Tiyana's ball skills were shining tonight with her passing and driving to the bucket. The Bears pulled ahead in the end of the 3rd quarter but Gilbert hit 3pointers to tie it up at the buzzer to put us into over time. We went down to the wire and fought like a team.

PERRY EDGES BASHA - (02-05-16) -  The Bears lost to Perry on Friday by a score of 57-50.

The Basha Bears came to play basketball tonight. The puma's pulled ahead by 11 points right away in the first quarter but the girls fought back to keep the game close all 4 quarters. Tiyana was the top scorer with 24 points. The girls played together as a team and moved the ball well all 4 quarters. Xandra and Tiyana had nice placed 3 point shots throughout the game and Alyssa & Brooklyn held the defensive side and rebounding. Chyna and Sarah set nice traps but we couldn't stop therir 3 point shooters.

MOUNTAIN POINTE DEFEATS BASHA - (01-27-16) -  The Bears lost at home to  Mountain Pointe by a score of 55-32.First quarter was a nail bitter for the Bears and fans. It was a great mix of offense and defense by all the starters. Zandra made a nice 3pt shot and Brooklyn threw up shots from all over the court.

The girls had a hard time stopping Mountain Pointes 3 point shooter and lost the lead in the second half. Alyssa was the lead scorer for the night with 9 points and used her strong defense along with Chyna & Brooklyn. Tiyana's driving skills pushed the girls to bring the 3rd quarter back to a 12 points spread but they couldn't get close enough to take back the lead.


BASHA GETS ROAD WIN - (01-22-16) -  The Bears went on the road and defeated Pinnacle by a score of 47-38The Basha women's basketball team utilized a balance of tough defense and energetic offense to upend Pinnacle on Friday, 47-38. Rachel Wadsworth was the top scorer with 17 point and Tiyana was right behind here with 11 drive to the basket shots.

Alyssa and Rachel had great trapping defensive moves along with Brooklyn and Chyna. Zandra keep the score moving with her 3 point shot. Lauren added her free throw shots to increase the lead. A great effort by all to bring this win.

- (01/20/16) - Corona del Sol defeated the Bears by a score of 51-42. The game started with Macey Rose shooting a free-throw to get us on the boards. The girls played a tough defensive in the  2nd quarter to keep the game to 7 points at halftime. Tiyanna shoot from the outside as well as drove the ball into the basket to keep the girls in the game. 3rd quarter was strong defense by Alyssa and rebounding by Macey. The girls fought back to bring the game to 38-39. 4th quarter Corona pulled away in points and the girls couldn't get back on top.

IRONWOOD EDGES BASHA - (01-08-16) -  Ironwood Ridge High School defeated Basha by a score of 52-46. The Basha Girls had another rough road games this week and couldn't come out of the game with a win. We had a few sparks with Rachel and Tiyana but couldn't hold a lead.

CHANDLER TOPS BASHA - (01/07/16) - Chandler High School defeated the Bears on Thursday by a score of 38-35. The Bear had a tough game on the road tonight. Tiyana was moving the ball well until she got injured. In the third quarter Xandra scored 5 quick points to pull us close. The girls all fought hard to finish the nail biting finish which came down to the last seconds.

BASHA FALLS TO RED MOUNTAIN  - (01/05/16) - Basha lost its home game to Red Mountain by a score of 55-36. Last nights game was a battle for the Bears from the beginning. Rachel used her height to get good rebounds and pass the ball out. Alyssa was working hard on her defense under the basket and on her opponent to steal the ball for coast to coast lay ups. China brought her speed to the floor for some nice runs but it didn't seem to ever get the girls ahead of Red Mountain.

BASHA LOSES CLOSE ONE - (12/15/15)  - Macey started out with two free throws to get us on the board. Then it was an uphill battle from there. Highland pulled away in the  half before the Bash girls fought back to make it close before halftime. Macey fought hard under the basket to rebound and drive in shots. The third quarter found the Bears falling behind by 13.points but the girls never gave up. They fought hard with defense, outside shooting and finding ways to get inside and foul. It was a great comeback but they couldn't quite pull it off.

BASHA IMPROVES TO 5-5 - (12/11/15)  - Playing their fourth straight game on the road the Bears got back to .500 with a 54-31 victory over Cibola. The girls made good use of the long trip by taking control of the game early on and fighting to keep it all four quarters. Rachel made some great rebounds and baskets down under the hoop to help the girls increase their lead and increase it all game. A strong effort was made by all varsity players to make this a successful trip.

BASHA LOSES TO XAVIER - (12/04/15)  - The Bears lost a road game to Xavier Prep by a score of 67-47. Basha Girls fell behind quickly in the first quarter by 18 points but with T's strong advances on the bucket, Rachel and Macey's 3 point shots we fought our way back to close the gap in the second quarter. Alyssa ran coast to coast to score and Zandra's rebounding under the basket gave the Gators a good run in the second half. Chyna held the point guard incheck with strong defense but we just couldn't make up the for 18 points.

BASHA TOPS POSTON BUTTE - (12/02/15) - The girls got their second victory of the season against Poston Butte. All the girls worked together to be strong and effective on the floor and  it paid off. Basha is on their way to a good season.



Basha vs Mountain Pointe - January 27, 2016


Basha vs Pinnacle - January 22, 2016

Basha vs Corona del Sol - January 20, 2016





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